WP4 Surveillance control methods and strategies

With the WP4, Surveillance control methods and strategies, Vmerge reached the third component of the project, i.e. surveillance and the setting up of strategies,methods and tools for surveillance, while ensuring the linkage with the identification of emerging risks, from assessing the level of preparedness of the countries facing emerging risks to formulating policy recommendations. The objectives of WP4 are to: assess the degree of preparedness of Southern Europeand Maghreb countries (SEMC) in case of the introduction of RVFV and Culicoides borne viruses and the assessment of the existing early warning systems; design, compare and optimize different existing or potential surveillance systems and assess the feasibility of fit-for-purpose surveillance systems in SEMC for RVF; quantify the risk of RVFV and Culicoides borne viruses  spreading to and from sub-Saharan countries; provide recommendations and standardized methodologies for surveillance; enhance viral data sharing and encourage molecular epidemiology in non EU countries.

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