Text acknowledgement / Vmerge papers

You will find here the procedure to follow for publication within the framework of the Vmerge project. It is very important for the project to follow this procedure and acknowledge the European commission for Vmerge papers.

Text acknowledgement

"This study was (partially)* funded by EU grant FP7-613996 Vmerge and is catalogued by the VMERGE Steering Committee as VmergeXXX ( contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors and don't necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission." (*) Include if appropriate

Procedure reminder
  • Step one: agree within group about topic and co-authorship.
  • Step two: write paper for peer review.
  • Step three: submit paper to peer review journal and include the Vmerge acknowledgement (see above).
  • Step four: ask group leader to request Vmerge publication number to SC by sending submitted draft (one file including text, figs and tabs) to Guy Hendrickx (
  • Step five: GH sends submitted draft around to SC members with a Vmerge number allocated and copy to lead author.
  • Step six: SC members have 1 week to comment about eligibility.
  • Step seven: if lead author (and/or group leader) does not receive a non-eligibility message within one week the Vmerge number is accepted.
  • Step eight: during reviewing process the lead author includes the correct Vmerge number in the Vmerge acknowledgement text in the manuscript.
  • Step nine: the lead author provides back-up info to GH about status paper as soon as available (including rejections) and sends a pdf with the final version prior to publication when accepted.
  • Step ten: proceed with next paper…

The key contact is Guy Hendrickx.

Do not hesitate to contact Guy or the Coordination for any help for publication process.

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