The project

    The Vmerge project intends to address the risk of emerging viral vector borne diseases in two main categories of arthropods known to transmit important animal and zoonotic diseases: mosquitoes (Aedes and Culex), and Culicoides biting midges.

     A research proposal targeting potential emerging viral disease risks related to these vectors will be carried out through original and integrated multidisciplinary approaches including:

  • Study of virus and microbial communities by next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods in vectors collected in targeted ecosystems;
  • Characterization of vector competence mechanisms in selected vector-virus couples;
  • Development of vector distribution and disease transmission models;
  • Development of better maps of high-risk areas for vector presence, as well as disease emergence and spread;
  • Design of new surveillance frameworks accounting for these new diagnostic methods, new knowledge and risk assessment analyses;
  • Improvement of intervention strategies against vector borne diseases.

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