VMERGE mid-term meeting, 6-7 May 2015, Rome, Italy

Project meeting to discuss the status and way forward of Vmerge

Project meeting to discuss the status and way forward of Vmerge

The Emerging viral vector-borne diseases (Vmerge) partners met in Rome to review the progress made by the project at its half way point. A two-day mid-term meeting was hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome.
The objective of the mid-term review meeting was to consolidate the multidisciplinary approach, while ensuring that activities and outputs are running smoothly and will be achieved.
The meeting started with a half-day plenary session with transversal introductory talks highlighting metagenomics and new diagnostic tools; different models of distribution and transmission of vectors tested in Senegal and Mauritania; and methods and approaches for surveillance and early warning for vector-borne diseases. These talks were followed by brief overviews of all six work packages (WP) presented by the respective lead partner. 
The plenary was followed by three parallel group discussion sessions as follow:

  1. Molecular techniques for arbovirus detection, serological tools, genetic diversity of arbovirus and insect microbiota (WP1);
  2. Vector ecology and competence (WP2); and
  3. Distribution and transmission modelling, surveillance analysis (WP3WP4 and WP5).

These discussions allowed partners to get updated on the status of work, to define and coordinate coming activities and fix problems and issues encountered.

Published: 28/05/2015

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